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I was surprised when i first came to this restaurant. All the meals look so carnivore! I am even more surprised when i first ordered their Japanese set meal. The salmon sashimi and the teriyaki chicken taste so good i didn't realise i was on a vegetarian diet. The portion is very large too. It is more than enough for a guy’s appetitive. Must try for a revolutionary vegetarian experience! Highly recommended if you have the extra budget !




Wow, I hate vegetarian food but this totally change my view on vegan food. Whole new experience for me. Had dinner: grilled chicken, unagi and of course vegetables. Tasted like real chicken and unagi. In fact it’s better than typical Japanese restaurants I’ve.Really helpful staff took time to explain to what’s a vegan all about and recommended few dishes. Well done!




Herbivore offers fantastic vegetarian Japanese food. The staff are very friendly and remember customers who visit multiple times and any specific food requests they have. (I.e. no mayonnaise, vegan, etc). They have an expansive menu which is bound to have something for everyone. The avocado, “eel” and “salmon” sushi are our favourites as well as the roasted eggplant appetizer. We’ve taken carnivores here who loved it too. Herbivore is a terrific example of vegetarian Japanese and proof that you don’t have to give up good tasting food to eat with compassion!


Kiwi Wannabe


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