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great vegetarian japanese cuisine

~ Li Yin

introduced this restaurant to my friend and we spent a cool 15 minutes just to look at the menu because I could not decide what to eat. There are so many varieties! The price is abit steep but the food is definitely value for money.

best vegetarian meal i’ve ever had!

~ yeefei90

I was surprised when i first came to this restaurant. All the meals look so carnivore! I am even more surprised when i first ordered their japanese set meal. The salmon sashimi and the teriyaki chicken taste so good i didnt realise i was on a vegetarian diet. The portion is very large too. It is more than enough for a guy’s apetitite. Must try for a revolutionary vegetarian experience! Highly recommended if you have the extra budget !

Meatless at Herbivore, Fortune Center

~ HappyMaruko

They did a pretty good job of imitating salmon sashimi in this Salmon Avocado Maki. I’m not really a fan of mocked meat. But this really tasted like the real thing! In texture, it was chewy like salmon sashimi.

A very good deal, the unagi bento, which was their “very unique and special secret recipe” came with a lot of other goodies too. For one, the unagi, the top right of the bento box below tasted similar to unagi…


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Vegans Don’t Have to Give Up Sushi!

~ Kiwi Wannabe

Herbivore offers fantastic vegetarian Japanese food.

The staff are very friendly and remember customers who visit multiple times and any specific food requests they have. (I.e. no mayonnaise, vegan, etc)

They have an expansive menu which is bound to have something for everyone. The avocado, “eel” and “salmon” sushi are our favorites as well as the roasted eggplant appetizer.

We’ve taken carnivores here who loved it too. Herbivore is a terrific example of vegetarian Japanese and proof that you don’t have to give up good tasting food to eat with compassion!

Pros: Friendly staff, Outdoor seating, Sushi!!!


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“Best Veg Sushi in Singapore!”

~ Kiwiwannabe81

My partner and I have fallen in love with Herbivore. If you’re vegetarian / vegan and miss sushi – this is the place for you. Even the carnivores we’ve taken there have loved it! The staff is phenomenal. We asked for no mayo on the sushi for our first visit and they immediately clicked that we were vegan and added…

“Wow ”

~ CrocTracker
Wow, I hate vegetarian food but this totally change my view on vegan food. Whole new experience for me.

Had dinner: grilled chicken, unagi and of course vegetables. Tasted like real chicken and unagi.

In fact it’s better than typical japanese restaurants I’ve.

Really helpful staff took time to explain to what’s a vegan all about and recommended few dishes.

Well done!

“Vegetarian food in Japanese cuisine”

~ Angelina A

Visited on 29/5/2014, under my long wanted visit list…Reaching there 12pm+ still had many empty tables but after 30 mins later almost 90% of tables had been occupied… Cons Order 3 side dishes as we afraid that we can’t finished its…about 10mins 2 of e dishes have been served…we ate happlily n finished up e 2 dishes-Nasu tempura n Cheese…

“Good Vegetarian Food with a Japanese Twist!!!”

~ Kshitij P

If you are keen on experimenting and are a vegetarian-look no further!Herbivore offers some unique and delicious pure vegetarian food ranging from mock meat(soyabean) to vegetarian sushi’s. Don’t get confused by the names on the menu as they are inspired from the non vegetarian variant but are pure vegetarian and make use of beancurd(tofu), soya etc.For egs their vegetarian burger…

“Veggie Excellence!”

~ asr50

A restaurant demonstrating that a veggie life-style is truly delicious, fantastic and authentic! A balanced collection on the menu. Choices for all. Even the non-veg person will consider changing life-style. We often eat there with the family and feel like kids in a candy shop!

Staff are friendly. Very well priced to enable families to enjoy the food while not worried about the bill. Do not expect alcoholic drinks or chili-hot dishes. It is ‘satvic’ food as said in Sanskrit: high purity and honest food full of positive water crystals because the owner and the chefs are like that.
“Awesome vegetarian food”

~ Ms_1226

If you felt that vegetarian food is meant only for specific religions and health-conscious people, this place will set you rethinking. The menu looks just like being in a japanese restaurant and the variety offered is HUGE. The atmosphere is nothing like what you felt before in vegetarian eateries at chinatown. They have even more stuff than usual restaurants I would say. And the servings are just nice and they are so exquisitely made. It’s just like having bento sets. And their food is beautifully presented! And I find the prices quite reasonable!

“Enjoyable & Very Refreshing”

~ debsilverston

Decided to try something different in vegetarian & go a little Japanese. Surprisingly different & tasty although a little pricey.
I wouldn’t have known it was vegetarian because the taste & flavours were really good.
Try it!

“most delicious Japanese vegetarian meal I had!”

~ moonchah

Who are vegetarian will definitely love it very much. The food a bit costly but it’s worth to have it. I can’t get the delicious Japanese vege meal in Malaysia!! You must try…~